Selvaggio Blu


Selvaggio Blu

5 days trekking on Sardinia most wild and remote mountain massif

The Selvaggio Blu (trans. Wild Blue) is an extreme 5-days trekking on the east coast of Sardinia, and one of the most beautiful in Europe. As opposed to usual trekking, it is a thorough mountaineering experience. We sleep 4 nights in the forests, supported by a meticulous logistic service.

The itinerary was developed in 1988 by two Italian alpine guides, following the coastline over the mountains and sea cliffs of Baunei. It crosses thick forestshidden caves and deep canyons, making it necessary to abseilclimb and walk on exposed passages.

There are now many variations to avoid difficult passages, but we stick to the original route as it offers the best panoramas and understanding of the life of ancient Sardinian shepherds. It takes 5 days to complete the Selvaggio Blu and it’s open to anybody with minimum preparation. Participants must be confident in walking on steep and very uneven terrain, descend scree and have no fear of heights. The route is so hard and sustained that it is unthinkable carrying large rucksacks with water, food, ropes, tents and all the necessary equipment. Logistic support is absolutely necessary.

Starting from the rock stack Pedra Longa, the Selvaggio Blu unfolds north using the wide network of mule tracks built by charcoal burners in 1800. From the first hours of walk, the Selvaggio Blu leaves behind any trace of modern civilization and dives into timeless and endless nature.

Walking on the crests of sea cliffs, the Selvaggio Blu immediately becomes even wilder than one can expect. It steps out from any trace of a path, delving into an intricated succession of rock fields, woods and hidden passages. Only professional guides and experienced hikers manage to find their bearing through the Selvaggio Blu, climbing up invisible bridges built by the shepherds or abseiling from hanging trees into deep canyons.

Each evening our team meets us at the camp, delivering heavy luggage and providing a big full Sardinian dinner. Food and drinks are plenty, prepared with local products only. Food quality is at the top, don't forget we are Italians ????

In the morning our team will prepare breakfast and deliver packed lunch and water for the day. Each participant shall fold her/his own tent and handle the luggage to our team.

Walking the Selvaggio Blu is a true adventure that marks the soul of those who made it. Imagine 5 days away from civilization, walking on panoramic cliffs and impenetrable forests. Furthermore, we will take a break every day to swim on the crystal-clear Sardinian sea. Wildest Sardinia and undisturbed nature will reveal themselves in their majesty and cruelty.

Five magnificent days and four nights sleeping under the stars for an unparalleled adventure


About the Selvaggio Blu

The tours listed on the calendar below are not part of Climbing Sardinia's usual activities as are led by professional guides and supported by external companies providing meticulous logistic support. The whole team provides an all-round service, from accommodation to daily provision of water and food. Do not fear starvation, our dinners are cooked on the spot using only fresh local products.

Arriving: We expect all participants to arrive the day prior to start walking. The group will meet the guides and talk during dinner about all details for the following days. The dates listed below include arrival and departure days.

Parking your car: you can safely park your car inside the fenced area of the Rifugio.

Accommodation: on the nights prior and after the Selvaggio Blu we provide tent space on camping ground or shelters with bunkbeds (rooms with beds are available on request).

Transfert: soon after breakfast, our team will drive the group and the guide to the starting point.

Walking: each day starts at sunset. We provide breakfast, packed lunch and water for the day. There is no rush but also there is no time to waste.

Dinner: Each evening our team welcomes the group to a camp along the itinerary. It cooks dinner on the spot and takes care of all waste.

Sleeping: you should have your own sleeping bag, mat and tent. We will deliver it to you each night and take it back in the morning. Please notice there is a limited number of tent spaces. It is advisable to have 2 people sleeping in each tent.


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Tour guidato del Selvaggio Blu in Sardegna


April 09-14 Selvaggio Blu

April 15-21 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente

April 22-28 Selvaggio + Bacu Padente FULLY BOOKED

April 29 – May 4 Selvaggio Blu SOFT

May 6-12 Selvaggio Blu

May 13-19 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente

May 20-26 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente

May 27 – June 6 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente

June 3-9 Selvaggio Blu + relax Cala Goloritzè

June 10-16 Selvaggio Blu + relax Cala Goloritzè FULLY BOOKED

September 2-8 Selvaggio Blu + relax Cala Goloritzè

September 9-15 Selvaggio Blu

September 16-22 Selvaggio Blu + relax Cala Goloritzè

September 23-29 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente

September 30 – Oct. 6 Selvaggio Blu SOFT

October 7-13 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente

October 14-20 Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente FULLY BOOKED
October 21-27 Selvaggio Blu

Selvaggio Blu
  • 5 days of walking
  • 6 nights sleeping in a tent
  • transfer to starting point and back
  • daily luggage pick-up and drop-off included
  • all food included (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)


Selvaggio Blu + Bacu Padente
  • 5 days of walking
  • + 1 extra day to descend the canyon Bacu Padente
  • 7 nights sleeping in a tent
  • transfer to starting point and back
  • daily luggage pick-up and drop-off included
  • all food included (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)


Selvaggio Blu + relax a Cala Goloritzè
  • 6 days of walking
  • the fourth day will be spent mainly on the beach of Cala Goloritzè
  • 7 nights sleeping in a tent
  • transfer to starting point and back
  • daily luggage pick-up and drop-off included
  • all food included (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)


Meeting location and timing

  • Meeting location: Cooperativa Goloritzè
  • Meeting time: within 6:00 pm of the day before the start of the trekking
  • Estimated return to meeting point: approx 6:30 pm (after 5 days of trekking)


  • Length: about 50 km
  • Total time: 5 days
  • Difficulty: high



Where is our meeting point?

Our meeting point is the Rifugio della Cooperativa Goloritzè located on a plateau above the town of Baunei.

We will meet there in the evening before our starting day. You can pitch your tent (or book a room, to be paid separately). Dinner will be served at the restaurant of the Rifugio, included in the price.

On the following day, we’ll leave soon after breakfast. A transfer will drive us to Pedra Longa, the starting point, where we will start our 5 days of trekking. 

What should I have for the Selvaggio Blu?

Daily use

  • Ruck-sack 30 lt
  • Large bag (possibly waterproof) to carry your tent, sleeping bag, and spare clothes. When filled with all your items this bag should weigh no more than 15 kilograms.
  • Headlight + spare batteries
  • Trekking shoes with a hard sole
  • 5 or 6 T-Shirts and underwear changes
  • Bathing suit + towel
  • Ragged trousers and shorts
  • Warm jumper
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hat, glasses, and sun-cream
  • Insects repellent
  • Towel and minimal toiletries
  • Personal medication
  • Toilet paper and compostable bags to collect it.


  • Knife, fork, and spoon
  • a plate to eat and a cup to drink


  • Small Tent (1 tent every 2 people)
  • Sleeping Bag (it gets very cold in April and October)
  • Sleeping mat (5 cm thick is the best)


  • Helmet *
  • Harness *
  • Via Ferrata Kit  *

*= can be hired

what is the Daily schedule?

1st DAY

From: Pedra Longa
To: Monte Ginnirco
Length: 8 km
Time: 6 h
Gain+: 870 m
Gain – :  180 m
Abseils: none
Climbing: none

2nd DAY

From: Monte Ginnirco
To: Portu Pedrosu / Portu Cuau
Length: 8,5 km
Time: 7 h
Gain+: 280 m
Gain – : 1020 m
Abseils: none
Climbing: easy passages on 3rd grade

3rd DAY

From: Portu Petrosu
To: S’Arcu ‘e su Tasaru
Lenght: 11 km
Time: 8 h
Gain+ : 1200 m
Gain- : 780 m
Abseils: none
Climbing: 30 meters on a via ferrata

4th DAY

From: S’Arcu ‘e su Tasaru
To: Bacu Padente
Length: 7 km
Time: 8 h
Gain+: 770 m
Gain- : 970 m
Abseils: 1 to 4 (max 20 m height)
Climbing: various passages on 3rd grade, ledges, and exposed paths.

5th DAY

From: Bacu Padente
To: Cala Sisine
Length: 8 km
Time: 6 h
Gain+: 620 m
Gain- : 860 m
Abseils: 4 (max 40 m height)
Climbing: 40 meters on Via Ferrata

6th DAY (Bacu Padente)

From: Bacu Padente
To: Grotta del fico
Length: 2 km
Time: 6 Hours
Gain+: 50 m
Gain- : 300 m
Abseils: 4 (max 30 m height)
Climbing: 60 meters traverse
Return: by boat or walking back (depending on weather conditions)

What happens in case of bad weather?

If it’s just drizzling we can wear our rain jackets and walk, or wait for it to finish in one of the many caverns. Reaching the camp we may find a large tarp our team has pulled above our table. 

In case the weather is seriously bad we would have to abandon the trail. We can:

  • Reach our daily destination, where instead of camping we will get a transfer back to the Rifugio. We will eat at the Rifugio and sleep under a canopy or book a small bungalow.
  • Start again the day after. Taking a transfer to where we interrupted our trek.


Can I leave if I'm tired?

Yes, of course. You would have to end the day but can take a rest the following day. 

Say, for example, after 3 days of walking you are very tired…

Keep in mind that each day we receive a transfer in the evening to bring luggage and dinner, and another transfer in the morning to bring breakfast and collect the luggage. 

After breakfast, you can jump on the Defender and get a lift to the Rifugio. Take a day off and in the evening you can jump on the same Defender again to join the group and continue your trekking on the following day.


I never abseiled on a rope, do I have to learn that?

No, you don’t have to know how to abseil. 

Our guides will take care of all rope maneuvers. You just have to relax and follow their instructions. 

You just have to make sure you are not overly afraid of heights.

Do I have to be a climber?

You don’t have to be a trained climber, but you should have good balancing skills and be confident climbing easy bits of rocks.

Along the itinerary of the Selvaggio Blu, you will often have to scramble on screes and leaning rock walls. Harder climbing passages are equipped with fixed ropes and require you to wear a harness + via Ferrata kit. 

I walk a lot, can we do it in a shorter time?

Nope! 😉

Although walking 6 miles in a day may sound ridiculous to some, the terrain of the Selvaggio Blu is so uneven and hard that it is impossible to walk any faster. It’s all rocks, oftentimes sharp and extremely balancy. 

Where will we sleep?

We will pitch our tents in the forests and sleep under the stars.  

Upon arrival, we will pitch our tent on the campground of the Rifugio. 

During the trekking, we will sleep in the forests, far away from any sign of civilization. 

At the end of the Selvaggio Blu, we will return to the Rifugio and sleep one more night on the campground.  

Will we have a briefing before starting the Selvaggio Blu?

Yes, of course.

Our guide will welcome the group and introduce the trekking at the Rifugio, on the evening before the start. All the latest details can be arranged then and all questions answered. 

Is there mobile reception along the itinerary?

Yes, there is mobile reception on at least 70% of the itinerary. 

Unfortunately, the campgrounds on the 2nd and 3rd nights have no reception.