Rocks and sea: Coasteering essential elements

Coasteering is the joining of different activities, to be practised to cross the most outlandish and arduous coastlines. The itinerary wiggles along the rocks and ravines, where we will walk and crawl, directly above the sea. We know these cliffs and are familiar with the hidden passages and the sharp rocks. Balance and flexibility are essential to walk safely on the rocks.

Coasteering is a fun and challenging sport that merges various disciplines

Starting from canyoning, which borrows its rope manoeuvres such as abseiling and zip-lines. Likewise, it uses climbing notions, which are necessary to climb over or traverse large boulders. Occasionally, when entering small caves or slithering through narrow passages created by the water, you may have the impression of practising speleology. Finally, you can have a bit of a relaxing time snorkelling.

We select the itinerary of our Coasteering tours not only for the beauty of the landscape but also for their variety and adventurous facets. We believe that a Coasteering tour must be as adventurous and diverse as possible, always within adequate safety standards. The cliffs north of Cala Gonone, for example, are ideal for Coasteering. Over a long strip of rocks, overlooked by high vertical cliffs, we will find caves populated by large stalactites, narrow tunnels, and delicate traverses above the water. Once we arrive in front of the largest boulders, we can choose to dive in the water, climb up or crawl through narrow passages. In order to have fun and get the most out of any Coasteering tour, it is fundamental to be able to swim. We will swim in both deep and very shallow water, and also very close to the rocks. To exit the water it is fundamental to be confident with the swinging back and forth of the waves.

For as much as diving is fun, our guides have developed our itineraries making sure there is always an alternative to it. Rather, we advise against diving unless you are 100% ready to do it.

Coasteering a Punta Molara

Coasteering a Cala Gonone

Tailored tours

We can create tailored tours to meet all your needs.


Our guides have a large knowledge of the territory and know how to solve the most diverse problems tourists can face. Say, we know that traveling through Sardinia for the first time, one soon realizes that the island is much bigger than one expected. It takes a lot of time to cross Sardinia coast to coast, and the mountains are a long drive away. On this page, you will find our most requested tours. This does not mean we cannot create alternatives to our tours, or even recommend different tours altogether.

For any information or request, you can call us or send us a message filling in the module on the contact page.

What do I need to participate in your Coasteering tours?

We provide all necessary equipment for the Coasteering.

Each participant will receive a wetsuit, a specific rucksack, and a waterproof container to keep their food dry. On top of that, we provide a harness. This is just to keep the bottom of the wetsuit in one piece when we sit on sharp rocks.

Under the wetsuit, it is enough to wear a bathing suit. You’ll need to wear a pair of hiking shoes.

In order to reserve wet suits of the correct size, please let us know the height and the weight of all participants.

Can I do Coasteering if I cannot swim?

Yes and not

It is possible to walk the entire itinerary without touching the water. On top of that, we provide a wet suit and a buoyant (a floating jacket), which will keep you floating in case of an accidental dive.

Anyhow, our guide would rather not take this responsibility on mixed groups.

If you book a tour in exclusive, and all other participants are aware that you cannot swim, and are OK with that, we can do it.

I don't like diving (jumping) into the water, can I still do Coasteering?

Of course, jumps are not compulsory, we make sure there’s always a safe alternative.

Our guides may suggest diving from various heights, but you can choose whether you want to do it or not. In case you do not feel like jumping, there’s no problem. It is always possible to walk or swim around a rock.