The best daily hikes in Sardinia


The best daily hikes in Sardinia

guided tours to the best destinations in Sardinia

There are a million wonders in Sardina, and our tours are created to allow discover all of them. From short hikes along the coast to the long trekkings in the mountains of Supramonte. We walk on the best itineraries only, to discover immense views and the peculiarities of our island. Follow us towards the hidden coves on the Ososei Gulf and the most spectacular Nuraghes, prehistoric towers shielded over inaccessible rock walls. 

Hikes to the sea such as Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, or Portu Pedrosu may include a 4WD transfer to reach the hiking path or a boat transfer to return to our meeting point. This would drastically reduce the physical effort needed to enjoy the hike, increasing the time we can spend swimming or relaxing in the unpolluted Sardinian nature.

The hiking tours to the islands of Tavolara, La Maddalena, and L’Asinara require a boat transfer both ways. Once landed on our chosen island, our itineraries wind up over the coastal line to find the most attractive beaches and the most fascinating viewpoints. During the summer we leave as early as possible, avoiding the midday heat. Our tour to Tavolara starts every day at 7:00 am, walking on the shade of the north face of the island.

Instead, our mountain trekking to Tiscali, Sa Giuntura, and S’Istrada Longa include necessarily a 4WD transfer to reach the beginning of our path. Many of the mountain trekking in Sardinia require a long-distance approach on dirt roads, many of which are accessible only by offroad vehicles. More accessible mountain destinations, such as the Gorropu Gorge and Punta La Marmora have the option to be reached by offroad vehicles, but that’s only upon request.

When available, you can book a 4WD transfer at the moment of booking your tour.

Tailored tours

We can create tailored tours to meet all your needs.


Our guides have a large knowledge of the territory and know how to solve the most diverse problems tourists can face. Say, we know that traveling through Sardinia for the first time, one soon realizes that the island is much bigger than one expected. It takes a lot of time to cross Sardinia coast to coast, and the mountains are a long drive away. On this page, you will find our most requested tours. This does not mean we cannot create alternatives to our tours, or even recommend different tours altogether.

For any information or request, you can call us or send us a message filling in the module on the contact page.

Do you have trekking suitable for families and children?

Of course, we have plenty of trekking suitable for families and children.

To families with children under the age of 7, we recommend the hikes to Tiscali, Punta la mandria (Tavolara), to the Oasi Bidderosa, and to Punta Su Pigiu.

In addition to the above, to families with children under the age of 10 we recommend: the Canyon Riu Pitrisconi, and the Canoe tour of the Cedrino lake.

To children under the age of 12, we can add the Via Ferrata Badde Pentumas and the hike to Cala Goloritzè.

What do I need to participate in your trekkings?

For all those activities where it is necessary specific tools, such as canyoning or via ferrata, we provide all equipment. From wetsuitsto harnesses, including backpacks specific to canyoning and via Ferrata kit too. There is no need to spend any additional money.

On canyons with water, you should wear a swimming suit and a pair of hiking shoes. It is advisable to have a change of clothes to keep in the car for when we get back. For canyons WITHOUT water, it is enough to wear comfortable clothes suited to the weather and season and wear a pair of hiking shoes.

In order to reserve wet suits of the correct size, please let us know the height and the weight of all participants.