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Among all trekking and other activities in Sardinia, the Trekking to Tavolara and the canyon Riu Pitrisconi are among the easiest and most spectacular, and the only ones we run every day in July and August. You can join these tours any day of the week. We run them regularly and so bookings require as little as 12 hours’ notice.

The itinerary of the Trekking a Tavolara runs along the northern side of the island, allowing us to walk in the shade up until the very top. The ascent to Punta Cannone is fairly steep, but thanks to the shade and the usual mistral breeze it is pleasant even during hot summer days. On the way down the sun reaches its peak and temperatures rise. Luckily, we can indulge in a long and refreshing swim as soon as we arrive at the beach, where our trekking ends.

The Riu Pitrisconi on the other hand is a charming and easy canyon with running water all year round. Canyoning means we will descend a canyon by abseiling on a rope, jumping, and swimming into natural pools and their emerald waters. Canyoning is the perfect summer sport and the easiest and freshest alternative to any other activity. The canyon Riu Pitrisconi is suitable for beginners and adventurous families with kids (you should see the fun they have!) All our guides have a long experience in leading local and international groups. We provide all the necessary equipment so that all you need is to have fun!




This is a short selection of the best summer tours in Sardinia. It includes also the bike tour of the Oasi Bidderosa and the canoe tour of the Cedrino lake. To participate in any of these trekking or other activities click on the picture and follow its link, then select the dates and book it via our automated system. In case your activity requires our confirmation, we will reply within 48 hours.

To view all our trekking and other destinations in Sardinia, browse our site choosing your preferred activity or location from the menu. You shall find all the most spectacular and renowned locations, and the most adventurous activities in Sardinia. Choose among all our sports, from trekking to mountain biking and canoeing.

In regards to tailored tours, you can call us to discuss your idea or fill in the module adding the most details you can think of. The best part of our existing tours can be easily modified to fit your requests.

Furthermore, in the section family hikes, you can find a wide selection of hikes and other activities suitable to families and kids. Send us an email to tell us which experience you’d like to share with your family. We will be happy to provide a personalized plan to explore the gems of Sardinia.



Those who came here knows it, and fell in love with it. Sardinia is a charming place, where man lives in harmony and close relationship with thriving nature.

Sardinia is well known for its white-sanded beaches, the tiny hidden coves, and its crystal-clear sea. The Sardinian shoreline is one of the most appreciated in the world and fears no comparison.
On the other hand, many people come to Sardinia to witness its rich nature. Visiting the lands and the mountains, walking on panoramic paths through forests and canyons, or above ridges and sea-facing crags are experiences nobody should miss.

Others wish to discover the colossal and mysterious structures that the Nuragic civilization built, or the medieval and modern history, so rich in intrigues and uprisings. Sardinian biodiversity is rich in elements, with endemic and characteristic species. From the typical Eleanora’s Falcon to the Golden Eagle, the fauna in Sardinia lists numerous birds of prey and wading birds.

”We are an ancient land of long silences, of large and pure horizons, of somber plants and of mountains burnt by the sun and by revenge. We are Sardinians
Grazia Deledda


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