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Who came here knows it, and fell in love with it. Sardinia is a charming place, where man lives in harmony and close relationship with thriving nature.


Sardinia is renowned for its lovely beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear water. In effect, the Sardinian shore line is one of the most appreciated in the world and fears no comparison.


On the other hand, many people come to Sardinia to witness its rich nature. Visiting the lands and the mountains, walking on panoramic paths through forests and canyons, or above ridges and sea-facing crags are experiences nobody should miss.


Sardinian biodiversity is rich in elements, with endemic and characteristic species. From the typical Eleanora’s Falcon to the Golden Eagle, the fauna in Sardinia lists numerous birds of prey and wading birds.


Others wish to discover the colossal and mysterious structures that the Nuragic civilization built, or the medieval and modern history, so rich in intrigues and uprisings.


”We are an ancient land of long silences, of large and pure horizons, of sombre plants and of mountains burnt by the sun and by revenge. We are Sardinian. “
Grazia Deledda


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