Only the best via ferratas in Sardinia

Follow us on the most panoramic crags of the island

From coast to mountains, each Via Ferrata in Sardinia is surrounded by a magic aura that seems to bring you back in time. Finding yourself facing nature austerity on a high cliff otherwise inaccessible, it is a moving experience that helps appreciating and looking at this planet from a new prospective.


Anyhow, you have to get the ball rolling, put on a helmet and a harness and climb up! All in all, what is a little sweating when compared to the adrenaline of such a different adventure?


Halfway between hiking and alpinism, Via Ferratas are mostly located on remote crags. Walking to the starting point may take from 15 minutes, such as the Via Ferrata della Regina, to over 2 hours, such as the Via Ferrata di Plumare. Each via ferrata has a difficulty level that varies accordingly with the time and complexity of the approach, the exposition and verticality of the itinerary and many other factors peculiar to each via ferrata.


Following the routes of the safest equipped via ferrata, we will climb up the best crags to dive into unbeatable panoramas. Among the many via ferrata equipped in Sardinia we have chosen the most spectacular, accessible and best-equipped. The tour price includes hiring of helmets, harnesses and via ferrata kit.