Canyoning at its best, do it in Sardinia!

Canyoning tours with or without water, suitable to families too

Canyoning is the probably the best way to discover the green, flowery and fresh nature of Sardinia. Away from crowded beaches, we descend the best canyons in Sardinia, entering narrow gorges and swimming on unexpected pools of emerald water. Abseiling, swimming and diving are part of the canyoning experience.

We provide all equipment

We provide all technical equipment for canyoning, from wetsuits to harnesses and canyoning rucksacks.
On wet canyons you shall have swimwear and trainers, plus a change of clothes for when we get back. On dry canyons it is sufficient to have comfortable clothes and hiking shoes.


In order to reserve wetsuit of your correct size, we will ask to provide height and weight of all participants.



Can anyone do canyoning?

Yes, absolutely. We welcome people who never tried before and families with kids as young as 10. There is no need for athletic preparation, but you shall be able to swim and walk on very uneven terrain.


Our guides will take care of all rope manoeuvres, so you don’t need to have any skills in abseiling. You can trust our expertise and rely on our lead.



Is there always water?

Most of our canyons have plenty of water in the springtime but dry out in the hottest months. The canyons we have chosen for our activities have the most stunning views and can be enjoyed all-year-round.


The Riu Pitrisconi is our best canyon, as it has permanent water flow. It only takes a 2 minutes’ walk to reach the entrance and from there we will be jumping and abseiling on a long sequence of deep pools of water. The Riu Pitrisconi is an easy and adventurous canyon suitable to beginners and families too.


Other canyons, such as Codula Fuili, are always dry and can be enjoyed walking through astonishing landscapes and abseiling into their narrow gorges.


The canyons below are just a part of the many we have in Sardinia, and we can widen our offers upon request. Some canyons suffer draught and thus not available during the hottest months.