Via Ferrata degli Angeli


Via Ferrata degli Angeli

From the sea to the summit of Tavolara Island, the Via Ferrata degli Angeli is simply spectacular.

The Via Ferrata degli Angeli follows the southern ridge of Tavolara, ascending from the sea towards the island’s highest peak. The equipped route is divided into several sections, totalling approximately 600 meters of adrenaline and spectacular perspectives.

From start to finish, the Via Ferrata degli Angeli unfolds in a truly unique setting, with 360-degree views of the granite mountains of northern Sardinia and the various islets that adorn the beautiful coast, from Molara to Caprera and La Maddalena.

Two-thirds along the path to the summit of Tavolara (564 meters above sea level), the equipped route ends, and our itinerary continues for another 20 minutes across the rugged fields at the top of the island Before reaching the summit, it’s possible to rappel down (two descents of 55 and 35 meters) to reach the trail below and return to the starting point at Spalmatore Beach. Alternatively, you can reach the summit and descend on the other side by retracing the Normal Via Ferrata route.

The Vie Ferrata degli Angeli is unparalleled A perfect combination of adventure on high rock walls and views of the crystal-clear sea of Sardinia


Do not underestimate the difficulty of this via ferrata. The Via Ferrata degli Angeli is very challenging, and all participants must be able to walk on very uneven and steep paths, climb vertical rock sections using the cable, and above all, not be afraid of heights. Additionally, being south-facing, the Via Ferrata degli Angeli may be unfeasible during hot days, or when the Scirocco wind blows during the hot months between June and October. During this period, we only climb the island of Tavolara via the classic trail, which includes the Via Ferrata Normale, easier and shaded for most of the day.

Vertical gain +

Total time


Physical effort

Via Ferrata degli Angeli


Meeting time: 6:45am
Meeting location: Cala Finanza
Climbing time: 3 hours approx
Estimated arrival to summit: 11:30 am
Descent time: 3 hours approx
Estimated return to Cala Finanza: 16:30

Difficulty: HARD
Approach: 30 minutes
Total distance: 6 km
Vertical gain: 600 m
Highest vertical climb: 12 m


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How hard is the Via Ferrata degli Angeli?

a lot ! ????

The Via Ferrata degli Angeli is undoubtedly one of the most challenging in Sardinia.

The via ferrata consists of several sections protected by steel cables, interspersed with horizontal ledges and rocky passages.

In the final part, the via ferrata gradually becomes more exposed, with some vertical sections and short overhanging passages.

After completing the Via Ferrata degli Angeli, the route continues along the ridge line towards the summit of Tavolara. From this point, there isn’t a proper trail, but rather walking involves following the ridge among large boulders and sparse vegetation.

It is crucial not to suffer from acrophobia, to be in good physical condition, have good endurance, arm strength, and good balance.


What shoud I wear on the via ferrata degli angeli?

You should wear comfortable clothes, appropriate to the season. In the summertime, it is best to wear a technical t-shirt and shorts. Cotton shirts get wet and won’t dry out in time. It is necessary to wear hiking shoes with a rigid sole. The complete itinerary lasts almost 6 hours in total, so it’s essential to have a packed lunch, energy bars, and at least two litres of water per person.

The Via ferrata degli Angeli is exposed to all winds, so if any cold wind from the north blows, it can get quite chilly. We recommend a soft-shell jacket as it is often windy.

  • Mountain boots, or approach shoes
  • Backpack, at least 30 litres of volume
  • Gloves
  • 2 liters of water and packed lunch
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor activities

Where's our meeting point?

We leave from Cala Finanzabut, upon request, we can also leave from Porto San Paolo. There may be a surcharge for the latest departure.

This depends on the season and the availability of rubber dinghies.

Via ferrata degli angeli, tavolara