Sa Giuntura, Nuraghe Mereu e Gorroppu


Sa Giuntura, Nuraghe Mereu e Gorroppu


Amid the many locations where the power of nature and human perseverance meet, only a few compare with the magnetism of Sa Giuntura and the enigmatic nature of the Nuraghe Mereu, harmoniously built above the deep canyons of Supramonte.

Although not particularly difficult, this hiking tour explores some of the most remote and iconic landmarks in Sardinia. Hiking to the archaeological site of Nuraghe Mereu and Nuraghe Gorroppu to the bottom of the marvelous Sa Giuntura, you will witness impressive views over deep canyons and the imposing mountains all around.

The itinerary starts from a remote location in the mountains of Supramonte, far from any decent road. Therefore we shall drive our 4WD to the opening of the trekking, starting to walk into the thick forests that cross the canyon Flumineddu to the Nuraghe Mereu. Apart from the usual cows, pigs and goats, many wild animals inhabit these mountains, such as  Golden Eagles, Mouflons, Boars, Foxes, Weasels, and many more.

Those who visit the Nuraghe Gorroppu leave with a sense of bewilderment and curiosity, wondering why and how the Nuragic civilization built it on such a strategic and suggestive location. More than 4000 years have passed since its supposed creation and all we have are the legends and myths people passed down.

After visiting both Nuraghes we will descend to the joining of two rivers and their respective canyons, what is known as Sa Giuntura (trans. The Joint). The impetuous floods merge here and form the enormous canyon Gorroppu, one of the largest in Europe.

On the way back we may visit Pischina Urthaddala, an incredibly large pool created by one of the canyons



Meeting locationPasso di Genna Silana
Start point: Sedda ar Baccas
Length: 7 km
Walking time: 5h
Total time: 7h
Difficulty: media
Vertical gain +: 580m


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Vertical gain +

Total time


Physical effort

Trekking a Sa Giuntura, Nuraghe Mereu e Gorropu


Meeting location and timing

  • Meeting location: Passo di Genna Silana
  • Meeting time: 09:00
  • Estimated return to meeting point: 17:30 approx


  • Starting location: Sedda ar Baccas
  • Length: 7 km
  • Walking time: 5h
  • Total time: 8 h
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Vertical gain +: 580 m


Per richiedere un tour in esclusiva vi preghiamo di scriverci o chiamare il numero +39 3291547816



How difficult is the trekking to Sa Giuntura e Nuraghe Mereu?

The trekking tour starts from a hill, descends to the bottom of a river, and climbs up the opposite hill (240 m climb). This is where the archaeological monuments Nuraghe Mereu and Nuraghe Gorropu are located. After a visit to both sites, the itinerary descends again to the bottom of the river to visit the famous joint “Sa Giuntura“. From here the path climbs up the hill to get back to the starting point (300 m climb). 

The whole trekking is fairly demanding but suitable for anyone in good physical shape who is able to walk on very uneven terrain

What should I wear for this trekking?

You should wear comfortable clothes, appropriate to the season. It is necessary to wear hiking shoes with a rigid sole. Although we won’t walk much, the terrain is very uneven and steep.

In the summertime, it is best to wear a polyester t-shirt and shorts. Cotton shirts get wet and won’t dry out in time. It is fundamental to bring packed lunch and at least 2 liters of water per person. We recommend a soft-shell jacket as it is often windy.