Guided canoeing tours


Guided canoeing tours

canoeing over the placid waters of lake cedrino, to discover nature and history

At the moment we feel like offering the canoeing tour of Lake Cedrino only, as it is the only lake in Sardinia to have a decent amount of water also in the summer. Lake Cedrino is a wide artificial lake that marks the northern edge of the Supramonte massif. It catches the water coming from two of the main rivers that are generated in Supramonte. The river Cedrino gathers the waters coming from Oliena and Orgosolo, while the river Flumineddu collects the water from the centre of Supramonte. Its fury dug the massive Gorropu Gorge, considered the deepest gorge in Europe. 

Below the dam on the edge of Lake Cedrino, the water flows between flowery oleanders and reeds, until it gets to Orosei and the sea. Unfortunately, plants and shallow water make it impossible to canoe on the lower part of the Cedrino river. 

We may as well organize other canoeing tours, but only upon request during the summer season. Our other canoeing tours on Sardinian lakes include the lower Rio Flumendosa (Villanova Tulo), the lake Gusana (Gavoi) and the lake Liscia (Sant’Antonio di Gallura)

Tailored tours

We can create tailored tours to meet all your needs.


Our guides have a large knowledge of the territory and know how to solve the most diverse problems tourists can face. Say, we know that traveling through Sardinia for the first time, one soon realizes that the island is much bigger than one expected. It takes a lot of time to cross Sardinia coast to coast, and the mountains are a long drive away. On this page, you will find our most requested tours. This does not mean we cannot create alternatives to our tours, or even recommend different tours altogether.

For any information or request, you can call us or send us a message filling in the module on the contact page.

We have young children. What's the minimum age?

Each child-based tour requires a different physical commitment. The minimum age depends on the type of activity and the specific itinerary. Likewise, some children are more daring and adventurous than others. Sometimes 8 years old can do things teenagers can not. On each of the activities listed on this list, you will find a note on the minimum age suggested.

To families with children under the age of 7 we recommend the hikes to Tiscali, Punta la mandria (Tavolara), to the Oasi Bidderosa, and to Punta Su Pigiu.

In addition to the above, to families with children under the age of 10 we recommend: the Canyon Riu Pitrisconi, and the Canoe tour of the Cedrino lake.

To children under the age of 12, we can add the Via Ferrata Badde Pentumas and the hike to Cala Goloritzè.

What do I need to participate in canyoning?

We provide all canyoning equipment. Fromwet-suits to harnessesand other canyoning-specific items (such as rucksacks and water-proof containers)

On canyons with water, you should wear a swimming suit and a pair of hiking shoes. It is advisable to have a change of clothes to keep in the car for when we get back. For canyons WITHOUT water, it is enough to wear comfortable clothes suited to the weather and season and wear a pair of hiking shoes.

In order to reserve wet suits of the correct size, please let us know the height and the weight of all participants.