Cycling tours


Cycling tours

Cycling tours along the Sardinian coastline and the most beautiful hills

 This is one of our favourite sections, for we love guiding cycling tours, especially when riding mountain bikes on dirt tracks or through forests. Sardinia is famous for its many trekking paths, but not many people ride bicycles on the dense net of never-ending dirt roads. Unlike walking tours, which are unfeasible during the summer due to the excessive heat, cycling tours are one of the few decent alternatives, even in July and August.

In order to make them as pleasant as possible, our summer cycling tours start early in the morning, avoiding the raising afternoon temperatures. Likewise, of no little importance, we always suggest renting electric mountain bikes. E-bikes allow you to have fun with a robust bike without getting too tired to cycle back. Our mountain bike tour of the Oasis Bidderosa is the simplest and most fascinating of our tours. It is a long ride to visit tiny beautiful coves, long beaches and dense pinewoods. Instead, the cycling tour of Mount Tuttavista coils around this solitary mountain, whose name is synonymous of Panorama. Riding our mountain bikes we can choose to keep it easy and ride around the mountain or climb it to the very top, from where we can admire an immense view over the hills and the sea.

When booking your bike tour you can choose to ride a classic pushbike or an electric mountain bike. The cost of electric bikes is obviously greater than pushbikes, but also the fun is greater! When meeting up at the bike shop you can try the various bikes and choose the correct size. Keep in mind that each brand and model feels different, so you may not always need the same size.

On this page, you can currently find two daily tours only. These are the ones we can run in any season and are suitable for everyone. We have many other tours available, including long-distance cycling tours. We ride our bikes over the mountains of Gennargentu (4 days tour), in Supramonte (3 days tour), over the hills in Campidano, and in the woods between Olbia and Cala Gonone

Tailored tours

We can create tailored tours to meet all your needs.


Our guides have a large knowledge of the territory and know how to solve the most diverse problems tourists can face. Say, we know that traveling through Sardinia for the first time, one soon realizes that the island is much bigger than one expected. It takes a lot of time to cross Sardinia coast to coast, and the mountains are a long drive away. On this page, you will find our most requested tours. This does not mean we cannot create alternatives to our tours, or even recommend different tours altogether.

For any information or request, you can call us or send us a message filling in the module on the contact page.

Non ho la mia bicicletta, ne posso noleggiare una?

Certo, puoi noleggiare la bicicletta che preferisci.

I nostri tour guidati in bicicletta partono dal noleggio di biciclette presente vicino all’oasi naturale di Bidderosa (Orosei). Qui potrai scegliere la bicicletta più adatta al tipo di terreno e alle tue preferenze. Per la natura dei tour noi scegliamo sempre mountain bike elettriche, possibilmente con ammortizzatori frontali e posteriori.

Di cosa ho bisogno per i tour in bicicletta?

Per partecipare ai tour guidati in bicicletta avrai bisogno innanzitutto di una bicicletta adatta al percorso, che sia una mountain bike per i tracciati fuoristrada o una bicicletta da strada per i giri su asfalto.

Per l’uso delle mountain bike consigliamo l’uso di pedali “flat”

In aggiunta avrai bisogno di guanti, caschetto e un kit per riparare le forature (pneumatico di riserva, colla, chiavi etc.)

Infine, acqua in abbondanza, barrette energetiche e pranzo al sacco.