Guided tours in Supramonte


Guided tours in Supramonte

there is no other place as harsh and mysterious as supramonte


Supramonte is a remote mountainous area, populated with wild animals and legends that scare and fascinate those who try crossing it. Deep canyons, vertical cliffs and dense forests take turns on a labyrinth of erratic paths that make escaping extremely complicated. Our guides are experienced hikers who know the territory and can safely lead the group where only eagles and mouflons dare. 

The majority of our tours in Supramonte are addressed to firm-footed hikers, in good physical shape and with good resistance to stress and fatigue. 

As opposed to other trails in the Alps, the paths in Supramonte hardly encounter any drinking water. With the passing of time (long time), raining water consumes the limestone of Supramonte, creating sharp blades above the surface and underground rivers and massive caves under the surface. Raining water percolates through the rocks to emerge much further, where limestone ends granite starts. One of these caves, probably the most famous, contains the archaeological village of Tiscali

That is the reason why all the canyoning tours in Supramonte are dry. Our canyoning tours unwind on those riverbeds where water ceased running millions of years ago, after creating immense, jagged and ravishing gorges. Among all the gorges in Supramonte, the Gorropu Gorge is definitely the most famous. The waters of the river Flumineddu dug a narrow gorge and deep gorge, its walls are as high as 400 meters, and in some parts, the gorge is as narrow as 4 meters. As opposed to the classical hike suitable for families and kids, we cross the Gorropu gorge and climb back on the other side, passing through panoramic ledges and an unparalleled landscape.

Where Supramonte meets the sea, ending abruptly with vertical cliffs over the blue waters of the Orosei Gulf, we run the infamous trekking Selvaggio Blu. Our tours of the Selvaggio Blu include simply EVERYTHING. From transfers to the starting and back to full logistic service, and from typical Sardinian dinners with local products to gallons of Cannonau wine and myrtle liqueur.