Mount Tiscali


Mount Tiscali


The hiking tour to Mount Tiscali hides an ancient secret: a Nuragic village built over 3500 years ago, inside a gigantic natural sinkhole. Tiscali village used to be a secret impregnable shelter, created possibly to escape raiders or maybe just as a shady summer retreat. Together with the most ancient house basements, we can see walls built with roman techniques, proof that the village was inhabited for over 2000 years before it was abandoned in medieval times. Sardinian people consider Tiscali one of the most iconic places and one that represents their resistance against foreign invaders. The archaeological site of Tiscali is now managed and protected by a cooperative that looks after it day and night.

Mount Tiscali is located in a remote valley within the mountains of Supramonte. The top of the sinkhole, which collapsed hundreds of thousands of years ago, delimits a space protected from the elements. Humans inhabited Mount Tiscali since prehistoric ages, building tiny huts away from prying eyes.

This is the most adventurous guided hiking tour to Mount Tiscali ????

What we offer is not the classical hiking tour to Mount Tiscali, but a more complete and demanding adventure. We will hike on the ancient mule tracks built by charcoal burners in the 19th century, and through the tiny passages known to shepherds only. We will visit formidable shepherds' huts and witness the most beautiful views over the Surtana and Lanaitto valleys.

The hiking tour to Mount Tiscali is one of the most popular in Sardinia. It is a charming place that evokes the magic spirit of the wildest nature. The path is mostly shaded by enormous oak trees and cluttered vegetation, which often open up to reveal peculiar rock formations and wide views over the surrounding landscapes. Our itinerary is a round trip starting with a steep uphill section, and an easy return on a downhill. The path sometimes disappears and we continue hopping on rocks or walking through forests.

Once we reach the top of Mount Tiscali we will cross a very peculiar and hidden passage, most probably guarded by the inhabitants of the village. It allows us to get on top of the sinkhole, from where we can admire the immense panorama over the Lanaitto valley and the Supramonte mountains.


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Vertical gain +

Total time


Physical effort

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Meeting location and timing


  • Length: 9 km
  • Total time: 7 h
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Vertical gain +: 430 m


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How hard is the hiking tour to Mount Tiscali?

The hiking tour to Mount Tiscali (and the village inside it) is fairly easy and suitable for anyone in good physical shape.

Starting from our parking space, we will walk on uneven terrain on well-maintained paths,  bare rocks and scree. There are no difficult passages, although some can be a little exposed to drops.

It is fundamental not to suffer vertigo or agoraphobia (fear of open spaces).

How to we get to Tiscali village?

There are no roads that lead to the archaeological site located inside Mount Tiscali. 

The only way to get there is by walking one of the paths starting either from the Lanaitto or the Oddoene valley. The first one is located in the territory of Oliena, the latest in the territory of Dorgali.

The shortest path takes one hour walk only. 


What should I wear to hike to Mount Tiscali?

You should wear comfortable clothes, appropriate to the season. In the summertime, it is best to wear a technical t-shirt and shorts. Cotton shirts get wet and won’t dry out in time.

It is necessary to wear hiking shoes with a rigid sole.

We recommend a soft-shell jacket as it is often windy.