Hike to Portu Pedrosu


Hike to Portu Pedrosu

Such a tiny cove, a pearl hidden by Sardinian mountains

Our trekking tour to the cove of Portu Pedrosu is one of the most charming in Sardinia. There are no roads nearby, hence hiking is the only way to reach the cove from land. Starting from the mountains, our itinerary retraces the steps of the shepherds and charcoal-burners who lived here. From thick forests to open views over the sea and above deep canyons, walking to Postu Pedrosu is an experience that marks your holiday in Sardinia.

After reaching the end of the gravel road on our 4WD we will start walking on the paths created by local shepherds and charcoal burners in 1800. The journey soon reveals open views over the Gulf of Orosei and the deep canyons down below.

Our guide will illustrate how solitary shepherds used to live on these mountains, herding goats to produce cheese their families would sell. Their habits and skills were so proficient they clearly originate from a millenary tradition, probably inherited from the Nuragic civilization.

Following the path to the sea, we will reach the tiny and charming cove Portu Pedrosu, where we can have a long break and even swim (June to October).

Return -walking: the best way to get back is by the same path. We will visit a few caves that shepherds used as a refuge and to collect the water that oozes from the stalactites. If the group feels lively we can take a somehow harder path through a canyon.

Return –by boat: in alternative to walking, we can organize return by boat. You can choose this option when booking this trip. In this case, the meeting point will be at the Port of Santa Maria Navarrese.

Notes: All participants must be able to walk on rocky terrain for at least 3 hours. Please wear robust hiking shoes or boots and comfortable clothes. Have 2 liters of water each and some food.


Meeting locationBaunei
Start: Irbiddossili (20 minuti)
Lenght: 8 km
Walking time: 5h
Total Time: 6h 30″
Difficulty: easy


Meeting LocationPorto di Santa Maria Navarrese
Start: Irbiddossili (45 minuti)
Lenght: 4 km
Walking time: 2h
Total time: 6h 30″
Difficulty: easy


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Vertical gain (negative)

Total length


Physical effort

Trekking to Portu Pedrosu



  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Kit for via ferrata



To request a tour in exclusive for you please send us an email or call +39 3291547816



How hard is the hike to get to Portu Pedrosu?

The hiking tour to descend to Portu Pedrosu is fairly easy and suitable for anyone in good physical shape.

The path to get to Portu Pedrosu crosses a long and wild canyon. On the way back instead we will walk on the crest above the same canyon, with superb views over the sea.

The vertical gain is 720 meters, on both the way down and the way back.

What should I wear on the trekking to Portu Pedrosu?

You should wear comfortable clothes, appropriate to the season. In the summertime, it is best to wear a technical t-shirt and shorts. Cotton shirts get wet and won’t dry out in time. It is necessary to wear hiking shoes with a rigid sole. The trekking to Portu Pedrosu lasts at least 5 hours. Hence it is fundamental to bring a packed lunch and at least 2 liters of water per person. We recommend a soft-shell jacket as it is often windy.

How long is the boat return from Portu Pedrosu?

The return by boat is about 6 miles long and takes about 30 minutes to reach the port of Santa Maria Navarrese.

The return by boat is clearly dependent on weather conditions and boat availability.