Canyoning Bacu Padente


Canyoning Bacu Padente

From the ridges of Supramonte mountains, 4 thrilling abseils to the crystal clear Sardinian sea

The descent of the canyon Bacu Padente, instead of the riverbed, takes place on a thin and panoramic ridge overlooking the canyon and the sea. It is a series of six abseils as high as 30 metres, and a passage into a small cave that leads to the opposite side of the ridge. This may sound very unusual for a canyoning tour and, in effect, Bacu Padente can hardly fit the canyoning category as it has no water either. Call it just abseiling, and we are on track.

Suspended on a narrow ledge, we will walk and abseil the crests of Bacu Padente from 200 metres above sea level down to the water. The view from the 6 abseils on Bacu Padente embraces the whole Gulf of Orosei with peaks over the little cove Piscine di Venere with its crystal-clear water.

And if the canyoning and caving adventure wasn’t enough, at the end of the abseils it is also possible to do an acrobatic detour to a guided tour on the Grotta del Fico. This is a large cave open to tourists during the summer only.

Approach and return

Our meeting is at the Rifugio on the Golgo plateau above the town of Baunei. From there we will jump on our off-road vehicles and drive 30 minutes on a dirt track to reach the access to the canyon. It takes only a 20 minutes walk to find the first anchoring point, and from there it is abseiling after abseil.

The return walk follows the path of the famous trek Selvaggio Blu, and in about 1 hour we will be back at the starting point.

How is it possible to visit the Grotta del Fico?

The Grotta del Fico is managed by a local company and opens during the summer season. The ticket is €10 and must be paid at the entrance.

Reaching the Grotta del Fico: if the group decides to visit the cave, we can switch our last abseil landing directly over the entrance. The return from the cave requires an acrobatic traverse on the rocks, at one metre above the sea. At the end of the traverse, we will enter a small cave that takes us to where we would have landed on the original itinerary.

Return by boat

At the end of our itinerary, whether we visit the Grotta del Fico or not, it is always possible to organize a return by boat. This is a great way to avoid the long walk back and enjoy a tour of the coast. The boat trip takes about 1 hour and is an amazing way to view the mountains we descended from a different perspective.

If you are booking the return by boat, our meeting point will be at the port of Santa Maria Navarrese, where an off-road vehicle will drive us to the starting point of Bacu Padente. The drive takes about 1 hour in total.

To book a return by boat you will have to select the correct return option when paying for the tour. The return has a fixed price and includes both the boat transfer and off-road transfer from Santa Maria Navarrese.

Vertical gain (negative)

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Tavolara, trekking and via ferrata

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Meeting time: 9:00 am
Meeting location: Altopiano del Golgo (Baunei)
Estimated arrival to the sea: 14:30 approx
Estimated return to meeting location: 16:30 approx


To request a tour in exclusive for you please send us an email or call +39 3291547816



How do we get from our meeting point to the canyon Bacu Padente?

Our meeting point for the canyon Bacu Padente is on the plateau Golgo, in front of the church to Saint Peter (see the location on the map). Anyhow, if you choose the option with boat return to the port of Santa Maria Navarrese, then also our meeting point will be in the port of Santa Maria Navarrese.

How hard is the canyon Bacu Padente?


The rope abseiling of the canyon Bacu Padente is one of the easiest activities in Sardinia. From our starting point or our path, we will walk downhill for about 30 minutes on a very uneven path. Once we will arrive at our first abseiling point, we will start rope maneuvers and for the next three hours we will be busily abseiling. There are only very short walks from an abseil to the next.

At the end of the trail, if you choose the walking return (as opposed to boat transfer), we will walk up a very steep and uneven path. There will also be a 15 meters climb, which our guide will equip with a fixed rope. From the sea to the car it will take less than 90 minutes.

What should I wear to participate in canyoning?

You should wear comfortable clothes, appropriate to the season. In the summertime, it is best to wear a technical t-shirt and shorts. Cotton shirts get wet and won’t dry out in time. It is necessary to wear hiking shoes with a rigid sole. Although we won’t walk much, the terrain is very uneven and steep. Walking back uphill may take up to 90 minutes. It is fundamental to bring packed lunch and at least 2 liters of water per person. We recommend a soft-shell jacket as it is often windy.

Is the ticket to visit the Grotta del Fico included in the price?

No, the entry ticket to the Grotta del Fico is not included in our price. Provided the Grotta del Fico is open, and the group wants to visit it, we shall call them in advance to let them know we are coming. The ticket can be purchased directly at the entrance of the cave. Paying cash

The entry ticket to the cave is €10 unless the cooperative that manages it decides any price changes.