Canoeing on Lake Cedrino


Canoeing on Lake Cedrino


Lake Cedrino is one of the quietest and most relaxing places in Sardinia. After flowing through deep canyons, endless underground rivers, and deep caves, the impetuous waters coming from Supramonte join in this oasis of peace. Paddling on a canoe is surely the best way to enjoy the silence and beauty of this charming lake.

Our canoeing tours start from either the renowned springs Su Gologone or from a midpoint station from where we can explore a different section of the lake.
Paddling on the quiet waters of the lake Cedrino, between high limestone walls and basaltic columns, we will explore some of its peculiarities. We will stop by the Grotta del Guano and the old church of San Pantaleo built in 1600 and reachable only by boat.

The lake Cedrino is a delightful place that can mesmerize kids and matured adventurers too.

Our tours visit either the north side or the west side of the lake. The north side is wider and enters a large canyon, while the west side is nicer if paddling in the afternoon, so to enjoy the return before sunset.

For the west side of the lake, we meet at the renowned spring Su Gologone. From here we paddle down the river visiting the Grotta del Guano, inlets, and the abandoned church St. Pantaleo.

For the north side of the lake, we will meet by the Agriturismo Canales, located on a middle point on the lake. From here we will visit the northern leg of the lake and explore the tributary Fluminineddu river. This river carries the water coming from the canyon Gorropu, one of the largest in Europe


  • Meeting locationFonte Su Gologone
  • Length: 7 km
  • Paddling time: 4h
  • Total time: 5h 30″
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Meeting locationAgriturismo Canales
  • Length: 7 km
  • Paddling time: 4h
  • Total time: 5h 30″
  • Difficulty: easy


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Tour in canoa del lago Cedrino


WEST side program

Meeting location: Fonte Su Gologone
Total length: 7 km
Paddling time: 4h 30″
Total time: 5h 30″
Difficulty: easy

EAST side program

Meeting location: Agriturismo Canales
Total length: 6 km
Paddling time: 4 h
Total time: 5 h 30″
Difficulty: easy


To require a tour in exclusive or a modification to the one described here, please call us at +39 3291547816



Can I participate in the canoeing tour if I cannot swim?


How hard is the canoeing tour of the Lake Cedrino?

The canoeing tour of Lake Cedrino is fairly easy, but you’d have to paddle one way and return. Therefore it is necessary to be in good physical shape

On canoeing the Lake Cedrino we will have to paddle one way, reach the end of our tour, and get back to the same place. As there is often wind blowing in some direction, it means that either way we may have to paddle against the wind. This makes it more tiring, as the wind slows down significantly.

Anyhow, we will pay a visit to an ancient country church and other features of the lake, taking some time off and saving energies to paddle back to our starting point.

Can children participate in this canoeing tour?

Yes, definitely!

A parent can take a double canoe and host a child on either seat. Children love to help to paddle through the lake, and fall asleep on the way back, lulled by the swaying of the canoe ????