Cala Goloritzè and Punta Salinas


Cala Goloritzè and Punta Salinas

A hike to discover the most iconic cove in Sardinia

No doubt Cala Goloritze is one of the most beautiful and iconic coves in Sardinia. The tiny beach is embraced by enormous cliffs and located at the end of a canyon descending from the plateau Il Golgo, where our trekking will start.

We will walk on the ancient paths built by shepherds and charcoal burners, crossing dense oak forests and mesmerizing panoramic spots. At the bottom of the canyon, we will reach our destination, where the crystalline waters will refresh our break on this cove by the magical atmosphere.

The path through the canyon Goloritze was known since remote times by the shepherds living in this area of Supramonte. Nonetheless, only local people and a handful of Sardinian hikers knew how to reach it. This is why the beach of Goloritze was mostly unknown until recently.

During the eighties, a group of professional climbers from northern Italy discovered and climbed Punta Caroddi: a rock needle overlooking the Cala Goloritze. Since then, fascinated by the pictures, groups of international climbers started a peregrination to climb what they called the Aguglia of Goloritze.

Our Itinerary to Cala Goloritze

From the starting point, we will walk to the panoramic terrace of Punta Salina, where we will admire Cala Goloritze, Punta Caroddi, and the whole Gulf of Orosei. A steep downhill will lead us into the canyon Goloritze, with its dense Holm Oakwoods and vertical walls. At the bottom of the canyon, we will suddenly face the crystal clear waters that make Cala Goloritze so famous.

On the return path, we will walk again on the same path, which will be very steep and exhausting. It will take almost 2 hours to get back, including various stops to take a breath, talk about the history of these places and drink some water.

Note: although the path to descend to the beach was recently rebuilt, walking down and back from the beach requires minimal physical training. It takes almost 2 hours to walk back and the uneven and rocky terrain can be exhausting.

Walking time: 4h
Total time: 7h
Length: 7km
Difficulty: medium
Vertical gain: +650


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Vertical gain +

Total length


Physical effort

Guided hiking tour to Cala Goloritzè



  • Guide


  • Meeting time: 10:00
  • Walking to Cala Goloritzè: 3 hours
  • Total distance: 7km
  • Meeting location: Altopiano Golgo, church San Pietro
  • Estimated return to meeting point: 17:00 approx


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How difficult is it to walk to Cala Goloritzè?

It is not too difficult. The last part is steep, but doable with due calm. From start to Punta Salinas our path keeps more or less the same elevation. Before reaching Punta Salinas we will have very short uphill sections. The most difficult part of the trekking will be the way back from the beach.

How difficult is it to return from Cala Golotirzè?

The way down is easy, but the return path from Cala Golotitze is quite steep and demanding. There are 460 meters of gain from the beach to the parking space where we leave our cars. The return path goes on shade after 4 pm. We will wait for it to cool down and then approach it without rush, gently making our way up.

Moreover, the path is made of an old and bumpy mule track, with plenty of high steps. Luckily the local administration keeps it in order, removing all dangerous rocks near the path.

What should I wear to hike to Cala Golotitzè?

You should wear comfortable clothes, appropriate to the season. In the summertime, it is best to wear a technical t-shirt and shorts. Cotton shirts get wet and won’t dry out in time. It is necessary to wear hiking shoes with a rigid sole. The trekking to Cala Goloritzè lasts at least 5 hours. Hence it is fundamental to bring a packed lunch and at least 2 liters of water per person.

You can bring a pair of walking sticks to help your way up. You can also hire them while booking this tour.

During the summer you shall wear a t-shirt and shorts, plus carry a bathing suit and a towel for the beach. During spring and autumn, we recommend having a warm jumper and a windproof jacket.

Can we do other alternative itineraries to reach Cala Goloritze?

No, unfortunately, the morphology of the terrain prevents us from finding any other alternatives to this path.

The classic path to Cala Goloritze descends the homonymous canyon. Instead, we will approach it from a tributary canyon that starts from beneath Punta Salinas. These paths retrace ancient mule tracks build by charcoal burners in the 19th century. Apart from these tracks, the rest is swallowed by dense Mediterranean vegetation. Unfortunately, the vertical walls of these mountains and the thick vegetation don’t allow any alternative.